Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rare bird sightings in Sabah - 4th Quarter 2011

The followings are records of interesting bird sightings;  some rare, some very rare, including one new addition to Bornean list (Red-billed Starling),  in various parts of Sabah compiled from Internet postings,  photo sharing blog and personal communications throughout the 4th quarter of 2011, feel free to email me if I missed out anything,  left out any observer or made any error, so that appropriate amendments could be made.

A big thank you to all observers who have shared their observations.

These information will be very useful if they are centralized in one place instead of scattered all over the internet.I have, therefore, self appointed myself to make a list every month from all information available to me and will post it at my blog, Borneo Bird Club's Blog, and Borneo Bird Images when the appropriate web page is ready. By doing so, I hope these records will be stored permanently and readily available to everyone interested in such info.

All sightings included here are supported by photographs made by the observers.
 October 2011
November 2011
 December 2011

Edited to add on 5th April 2012 : As I do not know how to upload a Word file here.A Word file with clickable link to the relevant images is at Borneo Bird Images Document list.

Happy birding.


digdeep said...

FANTASTIC! Well done Wong - really applaud this effort by you - it will make collation and permanent record of birds in Sabah SO much easier.

Great job!

Ron-Nature Adventures said...

Thank you for taking the lead.