Thursday, April 7, 2011

Smooth Otter

Smooth Otter Lutra perspicillata, occuring in mainland Asia, India, Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra.

Recorded to live at the coast as well as inland.

I have seen a group along the river that runs next to Tabin Wildlife Reserve chalets, also seen two at the coast at Apas Parit in Tawau.

This beautiful looking small group, however, is living in a golf course.

Tawau Golf Club is located next to a forest reserve, and the club's committee has made it a point to co-exist with whatever wildlife that live in the vicinity.

Apparently they have moved in from the reserve to live in one of the ponds dotting the golf course. They have grown to know the habit of golfers, whom they know is not a threat, they will continue to sun themselves despite the constant moving golf buggies and golfers. However, when someone get too near, either to retrieve a stray ball or to make a shot, they will quickly slide into the pond for safety, only to emerge again in a short while after the departure of the buggies and golfers who have continued on to the next hole.

Happy birding.

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