Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pelagic birding on 6th Agust 2011

Went on a pelagic birding trip on an anchovies boat on 6th August 2011 around Davel Bay, Kunak.

The weather was gloomy before we left port.

May be it was too early in the season, there wasn't much activity, we only managed to see a few Lesser Frigarebirds, a few Greater Crested Tern, some egrets on a far away shore, too far to positively identify, and a few Darters sunning and preening themselves on thin stilts on the shallow shore.

 Two Darters perched on stilts, with numerous Egrets in the background.
 Adult male Lesser Frigatebird.
 Adult female Lesser Frigatebird.
 Greater Crested Terns, which are supposed to be migrants, but have been recorded throughout the year.
This one flew quite near.

Happy birding.

Photodocument of Wild Birds of Borneo.

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