Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Borneo Ibon - Bornean endemic

Borneo Ibon Oculocincta squamifrons, a generally scare but can be locally common Borneo endemic of the lower montane forests. It is a tiny bird and feeds actively in small flocks, regularly return to feed on the same fruiting tree. You just need to locate a fruiting tree that they come to feed and wait there to take their photographs.

A tiny bird that is easily concealed in the foliage, its drab color does not help to spot it either. Distinctive features to look for in the field are its white spotted forehead and crown, and its white iris.

Happy birding.

Photodocument of Wild Birds of Borneo.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Yellow-vented Flowerpecker

Yellow-vented Flowerpecker Dicaeum chrysorrheum, is an uncommon flowerpecker of the lowlands of Borneo. I have not seen them in the cultivated gardens, this is photographed in a forest reserve when it was feeding on some hanging epiphytes.

Like most other members of this family, it is an active feeder and constantly hops from branch to branch, where it is hidden most of the time, to take a clear shot is a real hair pulling exercise.

One of my new birds taken about half a year ago, has been busy and has not much time to update my list.

Happy birding.